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The bone response in endurance long distance horse

Mariana Damazio Rajão(1), Carol S. Leite(1), Kaique Nogueira(1), Roberta F. Godoy(2) and Eduardo Maurício Mendes Lima(1,*)

1- Department of Veterinary Anatomy, Faculdade de Agronomia e Medicina Veterinária, Universidade de Brasília (UnB), ICC Ala Sul, Campus Darcy Ribeiro, Cx. Postal 4508, Brasília, DF 70760-701, Brazil

2- Writtle University College, Lordship Road, CM1 3RR, Chelmsford, United Kingdom



The aim of this study was to understand the bone against the exercise adaptations to reduce the occurrence of orthopedic injuries in endurance horses. To this end, the objective of the present work was to investigate how the bone adaptation on adult equines that was trained for 4 to 5 years to endurance races respond to long-term exercise of moderate intensity by comparing to non-athlete horses. For this purpose, 14 Arabian horses were selected and divided equally in two groups, a control group (CG) formed by animals that had never practised physical activity nor been tamed and an exercise group (EG) formed by athlete animals. Radiographs were obtained using a digital radiography system and penetrometer. The radiographs were stored and later processed to determine cortical bone thickness using the ProgRes® Capture Pro 2.5 (Jenoptik, Germany), cortical bone density using Adobe Photoshop CS6 (version 6.0, Adobe Systems Inc., San Jose, CA, USA), and trabecular bone density using the Image-Pro Plus 4.1 (Media Cybernetics Inc. Silver Springs, MD). The EG presented an increase in cortical bone density and thickness compared to the control. This adaptation of the cortical bone in the exercised horses is an important factor increasing bone resistance to exercise. These structural changes are related to a morphofunctional response by the bone tissue as a whole.

Keywords: Adaptation, Bone, Densitometry, Equine.


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Rajão, M.D., Leite, C.S., Nogueira, K., Godoy, R.F. and Lima, E.M.M. 2019. The bone response in endurance long distance horse. Open Vet. J. 9(1), 58-64.