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  • Hematological and biochemical profiles of canine CD45- T lymphomas are different from other immunophenotypes
    Rosina Sánchez Solé, Florencia Mosquillo, Paulo Jark, Martn Breijo, Paula Pessina
    Open Vet J. 2021; 11(4): 734-746
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2021.v11.i4.26

  • Laterally applied single bone plate option for fixation of complete diaphyseal fracture of a third metatarsal bone in a circus work pony
    Isabel R. Dias , Lus M. Maia, Miguel Quaresma, Mario Cotovio, Filipe C. Silva
    Open Vet J. 2021; 11(4): 645-650
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2021.v11.i4.14

  • The MTT assay application to measure the viability of spermatozoa: a variety of the assay protocols
    Kakanang Buranaamnuay,
    Open Vet J. 2021; 11(2): 251-269
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2021.v11.i2.9

  • Use of the SGLT2 inhibitor canagliflozin for control of refractory equine hyperinsulinemia and laminitis
    Eleanor Marie Kellon, Kathleen M Gustafson
    Open Vet J. 2022; 12(4): 511-518
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2022.v12.i4.14

  • Modified medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction for severe bilateral congenital patellar luxation in a dog
    Mitsuhiro Isaka, Daiki Kokubo, Hiroshi Ueno
    Open Vet J. 2022; 12(1): 1-4
    » Abstract » doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2022.v12.i1.1