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Primary leiomyosarcoma of the jugular vein in a dog


Alessio Pierini(1,*), Filippo Cinti(1), Diana Binanti(2) and Guido Pisani(1)


1 Centro Veterinario Luni Mare, Ortonovo (SP), 19034, Italy

2 AbLab, Laboratorio di Analisi Veterinarie, Sarzana (SP), 19038, Italy



A four-year-old, male, Labrador retriever was referred for removal of a spindle cell sarcoma involving the right jugular vein. A post-contrast CT scan showed a seven-centimeter subcutaneous mass originated from the right external jugular vein, which was partially obstructed and showing contrast stasis, suggested a primary intravascular tumor of the jugular vein. The mass was resected, and histological evaluation was consistent with grade II intravenous spindle cell sarcoma of the jugular vein. Immunohistochemical positivity for vimentin, desmin, and ╬▒SMA antibody and negativity for S-100 protein confirmed venous leiomyosarcoma. The dog received five doses of intravenous doxorubicin, and there was no recurrence of the tumor 30 months post treatment. In dogs, primary intravascular sarcomas are rare and primary venous leiomyosarcoma has not been described. A venous tumor may be considered as a differential diagnosis in dogs with ventral neck swelling.

Keywords: Dog, Doxorubicin, Intravascular sarcoma, Jugular vein, Leiomyosarcoma.

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Pierini, A., Cinti, F., Binanti, D. and Pisani, G. 2017. Primary leiomyosarcoma of the jugular vein in a dog. Open Vet. J. 7(1), 61-64.