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"Original Article"

High intensity focused ultrasound cyclocoagulation in dogs with primary glaucoma: a preliminary study

Pierre-François Isard, Marielle Mentek, David Clément, Aurélie Béglé, Fabrice Romano, Florent Aptel, Iona Mathieson and Thomas Dulaurent
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 305-312

"Original Article"

In vivo fluoroscopic kinematography of cranio-caudal stifle stability after tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA): a retrospective case series of 10 stifles

Maartje Schwede, Janna Rey and Peter Böttcher
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 295-304

"Review Article"

Evolutionary biology and the risk of scrapie disease in sheep

David Bruce Adams
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 282-294

"Review Article"

Usefulness of spinal unenhanced computed tomography and CT-myelography in the age of multidetector CT technology and magnetic resonance imaging - Preliminary considerations

Mario Ricciardi, Angela Campanella , Gloria Grieco and Roberta Zammit
Open Veterinary Journal, 8(3): 265-281