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Fibroblastic osteosarcoma in a lion (Panthera leo)

L. Leonardi1, E. Lepri1, S. Nannarone2, O. Olivieri2 and L. Mechelli1

1Dipartimento di Scienze Biopatologiche e Igiene delle Produzioni Animali e Alimentari, Università degli Studi di Perugia, Italy

2Dipartimento di Patologia, Diagnostica e Clinica Veterinaria, Università degli Studi di Perugia, Italy



This report describes a case of spontaneous fibroblastic osteosarcoma in the humerus of a lion from a private park in Perugia, Italy. The tumor had an irregular, smooth, brown surface and a generally firm, rubbery consistence with gritty to hard areas interspersed. The mass was poorly vascularized with areas of necrosis at the periphery.  The cut surface showed a multilobulated mass that had breached the humeral cortex, with periosteal production of reactive bone. The mass invaded the epiphysis, the synovial membrane, the joint capsule and ligaments. A mild hemorrhagic effusion appeared in the joint space. Clinical signs, gross and histopathologic findings are described in this rare case of a malignant bone tumor.

Keywords: Bone tumor, Fibroblastic, Humerus, Osteosarcoma, Panthera leo.


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Leonardi, L., Lepri, E., Nannarone, S., Olivieri, O. and Mechelli, L. 2014. Fibroblastic osteosarcoma in a lion (Panthera leo). Open Vet. J. 4(1), 1-3.