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Background: Extended, continuous hemilaminectomy has only been reported in small to medium-sized dogs so far. It remains unclear whether excessive continuous hemilaminectomy can also be performed safely in large breed dogs.

Case Description: We describe the surgical treatment and clinical outcome of a 5-year-old German Shepherd Dog that was presented with paraplegia and deep pain perception following a short episode of bilateral hind-limb lameness, secondary to jumping off of a car. CT-myelography revealed that the paraplegia originated from extensive extradural spinal cord compression (Th6-L1), due to intervertebral disc extrusion and associated epidural hemorrhage. The dog was treated with a continuous hemilaminectomy involving nine vertebrae (Th6-L1) and recovered completely with no remaining neurological deficits, within six months.

Conclusion: The rapid, uncomplicated and complete functional recovery in the presented case emphasizes the practicability of extensive, continuous hemilaminectomies, also in large breed dogs.

Keywords: Dog, Epidural hemorrhage, Hemilaminectomy, Intervertebral disc extrusion, Paraplegia.

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Lackmann, F., Schulze, S. and Böttcher, P. 2022. Continuous hemilaminectomy of nine vertebrae can be performed safely in large breed dogs: a case report of a German Shepherd Dog with intervertebral disc extrusion and extensive extradural hemorrhage. Open Vet. J. 12(4), 439-444.