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Open Vet J. Year: 2012, Volume: 2

    Original Research
  1. Effects of timed artificial insemination following estrus synchronization in postpartum beef cattle
    A. Malik1, 2, H. Wahid2,*, Y. Rosnina2, A. Kasim3 and M. Sabri4
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 1-5
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p1

  2. Original Research
  3. No-scalpel vasectomy by electrocauterization in free range rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
    V. Kumar1,* and A. Raj2
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 6-9
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p6

  4. Original Article
  5. A three years retrospective study on the nature and cause of ocular dermoids in cross-bred calves
    M.M. Alam1, * and M.M. Rahman2
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 10-14
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p10

  6. Levels of heavy metals in liver and kidney of dogs from urban environment
    F.P. Serpe1,2, R. Russo1, A. De Simone1, S. Florio1, M. Esposito2 and L. Severino1,*
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 15-18
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p15

  7. Agarose cell block technique as a complementary method in the diagnosis of fungal osteomyelitis in a dog
    D.S. Zanoni1,*, F. Grandi1,2, D.Q. Cagnini1, S.M.G. Bosco3 and N.S. Rocha1,2
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 19-22
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p19

  8. Ankyloglossia and its surgical correction by frenuloplasty in a she-camel calf (Camelus dromedarius)
    S. Anwar1 and G.N. Purohit2,*
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 23-25
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p23

  9. Inter relationship between some routine semen evaluation parameters in Jersey X local hill cattle crossbred bulls
    M. Sharma1, M. Singh2,*, S. Kapoor3 and S. Jasial3
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 26-31
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p26

  10. Effects of Watercress (Nasturtium nasturtium) extract on selected immunological parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
    M.S. Asadi1, A.R. Mirvaghefei1, M.A. Nematollahi1, M. Banaee2,* and K. Ahmadi3
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 32-39
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p32

  11. Estimating fermentation characteristics and nutritive value of ensiled and dried pomegranate seeds for ruminants using in vitro gas production technique
    M. Taher-Maddah, N. Maheri-Sis*, R. Salamatdoustnobar and A. Ahmadzadeh
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 40-45
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p40

  12. Role of bovine herpesvirus type 5 (BoHV-5) in diseases of cattle. Recent findings on BoHV-5 association with genital disease
    P.A. Favier1,2, M.S. Marin3,4 and S.E. Pérez2,3,*
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 46-53
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p46

  13. Determining nutrients degradation kinetics of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) straw using nylon bag technique in sheep
    A. Aghajanzadeh-Golshani*, N. Maheri-Sis, A. Baradaran-Hasanzadeh, A. Asadi-Dizaji, A. Mirzaei-Aghsaghali and J. Dolgari-Sharaf
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 54-57
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p54

  14. Cytokine expression in malaria-infected non-human primate placentas
    M. Barasa1,2,*, Z.W. Ng’ang’a3, G.A. Sowayi1, J.M. Okoth1, M.B.O. Barasa 4, F.B.M. Namulanda 5, E.A. Kagasi2, M.M. Gicheru2,6 and S.H. Ozwara2
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 58-64
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p58

  15. DNA damage in peripheral blood mononuclear cells and neutrophils of dairy cows during the transition period
    M. Tharwat1,2, D. Endoh3 and S. Oikawa1,*
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 65-68
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p65

  16. Rare congenital absence of tail (anury) and anus (atresia ani) in male camel (Camelus dromedarius) calf
    S. Anwar1 and G.N. Purohit2,*
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 69-71
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p69

  17. Efficacy of different methanolic plant extracts on anti-methanogenesis, rumen fermentation and gas production kinetics in vitro
    S.K. Sirohi*, N. Goel and P. Pandey
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 72-77
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p72

  18. Trypanosoma evansi: A clinical, parasitological and immunological evaluation of trypanosomosis using a chronic rabbit model
    J.R. Ramírez-Iglesias, M.C. Eleizalde, E. Gómez-Piñeres and M. Mendoza*
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 78-82
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p78

  19. Determination of feed value of cherry, apricot and almond tree leaves in ruminant using in situ method
    M.K. Nahand*, R.S. Doust-Nobar, N. Maheri-Sis and S. Mahmoudi
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 83-87
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p83

  20. Nutritional value of raw soybeans, extruded soybeans, roasted soybeans and tallow as fat sources in early lactating dairy cows
    H. Amanlou1, N. Maheri-Sis2, S. Bassiri2,*, A. Mirza-Aghazadeh3, R. Salamatdust2, A. Moosavi4 and V. Karimi4
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 88-94
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p88

  21. Tsetse fly saliva: Could it be useful in fly infection when feeding in chronically aparasitemic mammalian hosts
    E.O. Awuoche1,2,*
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 95-105
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p95

  22. Original Research
  23. Castration of dromedary camel through prescrotal midline incision
    M.N. Telfah, M.I. Siddiqui* and S.A. Taleb
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 106-108
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p106

  24. Original Research
  25. Collection, analysis and cryopreservation of semen from Malayan gaur (Bos gaurus hubbacki): A preliminary study
    M.I. Iswadi1, Z.F. Ann1, M.M. Hafiz2, M.D. Hafiz2, F.J. Fahrul2, H. Hajarian3, H. Wahid3, I. Zawawi4, M.S. Khairiah5 and O.A. Mazni6
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 109-114
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p109

  26. Case Report
  27. Surgical replacement of iatrogenically prolapsed penis in a dromedary camel
    M.I. Siddiqui*, M.N. Telfah and S.A.T. Al-Qubati
    Open Vet J. 2012; 2: 115-117
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/OVJ.2012.v2.i0.p115