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"Case Report"

Surgical repair of indirect inguinal hernia in bonnet macaque (Macaca radiata)

Inderjeet Yadav(1,2*) and Ravi Kumar(1)

1- National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana,122052, India

2- Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Gurugram Campus, Haryana, 122412, India


Background: Hernia is protrusion of an organ from the wall of the cavity bearing it. Omentum, adipose tissue and intestinal loops are the most frequently involved organs. Present case report is a rare case of indirect inguinal hernia having omentum engaged in scrotum though hernial ring in a bonnet macaque (Macaca radiata) and its surgical management.

Case Description: A 19-year-old male bonnet macaque was presented with distension of right inguinal and scrotal region. Physical examination revealed inguinal hernia. Surgical intervention was deemed necessary considering the state of the animal. The herniation was surgically corrected by removal of the protruded fatty mass. The monkey was kept in strict confinement till complete healing. The animal recovered uneventfully in two weeks without any post operative complications. This case report details a successful surgical repair of indirect inguinal hernia in a bonnet macaque.

Conclusion: On the basis of present case study, it is concluded that surgery can be an ideal and effective option for the treatment of inguinal hernias in primates.

Keywords: Bonnet macaque (Macaca radiata), Inguinal hernia, Indirect inguinal hernia, Herniorrhaphy, Omentectomy.

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Yadav, I. and Kumar, R. 2022. Surgical repair of indirect inguinal hernia in bonnet macaque (Macaca radiata). Open Vet. J. 12(4), 434-438.