Open Veterinary Journal

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ISSN 2218-6050 (Online), ISSN 2226-4485 (Print) 

Volume 8, Number 3: 2018

"Original Article"

1- Serial collection method of dog saliva: Effects of different chemical stimulants on behaviour, volume and saliva composition

Juan Pablo Damián, Laura Bengoa, Paula Pessina, Silvia Martínez and Fernando Fumagalli
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 229-235

"Original Article"

2- Evaluation of two rapid immunochromatographic tests for diagnosis of brucellosis infection in cattle

Anitza Fragas Quintero, Dervel Felipe Díaz Herrera, Dayamí Martín Alfonso, Yanelis Cruz Santana, Raisa Betancourt Torres and Lucy Montano Tamayo
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 236-242

"Original Article"

3- Comparative histopathology and immunohistochemistry of human and canine mammary tumors

Munsef A. Al-Mansour, Mahir A.G. Kubba, Seham A. Al-Azreg and Sausen A. Dribika
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 243-249

"Case Report"

4- Sertoli cell tumour in a pet rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus): histological and immunohistochemical characterization

Barbara Banco, Diana Binanti, Valentina Penna and Valeria Grieco
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 250-255

"Case Report"

5- Surgical repair of a proximal patellar tendon avulsion in a dog utilizing triple patellar bone tunnels and modified tendon repair technique

Matthew D. Johnson, Diego Rafael Sobrino, Daniel Dean Lewis and Justin Shmalberg
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 256-264

"Review Article"

6- Usefulness of spinal unenhanced computed tomography and CT-myelography in the age of multidetector CT technology and magnetic resonance imaging - Preliminary considerations

Mario Ricciardi, Angela Campanella , Gloria Grieco and Roberta Zammit

Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 265-281

"Review Article"

7- Evolutionary biology and the risk of scrapie disease in sheep

David Bruce Adams
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 282-294

"Original Article"

8- In vivo fluoroscopic kinematography of cranio-caudal stifle stability after tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA): a retrospective case series of 10 stifles

Maartje Schwede, Janna Rey and Peter Böttcher
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 295-304

"Original Article"

9- High intensity focused ultrasound cyclocoagulation in dogs with primary glaucoma: a preliminary study

Pierre-François Isard, Marielle Mentek, David Clément, Aurélie Béglé, Fabrice Romano, Florent Aptel, Iona Mathieson and Thomas Dulaurent
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 305-312

"Original Article"

10- Heat induced epitope retrieval for rabies virus detection by direct fluorescent antibody test in formalin-fixed dog brain tissues

God’spower R. Okoh, Haruna M. Kazeem, Grace S.N. Kia and Zhakum N. Ponfa
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 313-317

"Original Article"

11- Reliability of symmetric dimethylarginine in dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease as kidney biomarker

Alice Savarese, Monica Probo, Chiara Locatelli, Sergio Aurelio Zanzani, Alessia Libera Gazzonis, Melissa Papa and Paola Giuseppina Brambilla
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 318-324

"Short Communication"

12- Isolation and preservation of multipotent mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow of Arabian leopard (Panthera pradus nimr)

Andrzej Golachowski, Sulaiman Al Hashmi and Barbara Golachowska
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 325-329

"Original Article"

13- Blood hematological values of Barb horses in Algeria

Mira Chikhaoui, Fadhéla Smail and Fouzia Adda
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 330-334

"Original Article"

14- Tear production and intraocular pressure values in clinically normal eyes of whooper swans (Cygnus cygnus)

Liga Kovalcuka, Dmitrij Boiko and David L. Williams
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 335-339

"Original Article"

15- Capripoxvirus antibodies detection: Relationship between the two methods alpha and beta of virus neutralisation test

Mohamed Hamidouche, Nassira Belmessabih, Abderrahmane Boubguira, Amina Benfenatki, Naim Saada, Amina Sail and Fatima Bacha

Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 340-346

"Original Article"

16- Intravenous pathogenicity of influenza virus A/H5N1/2014 isolated from pig in Ogbomoso, Nigeria

E. Kolawole Oladipo, J. Kola Oloke and J. Adekunle Adeniji

Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 347-350