Open Veterinary Journal

Open Veterinary Journal

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ISSN 2218-6050 (Online), ISSN 2226-4485 (Print) 

Volume (10), Number (2): 2020

"Case Report"

1- Ultrasound-guided psoas compartment and sciatic nerve blocks for pain management of hind limb procedures in the alpaca (Vicugna pacos)

Andrew Foster, Alex McSloy and Paolo Monticelli
Open Veterinary Journal, 2020, 10(2): 120-127

"Original Research"

2- Canine copper-associated hepatitis: A retrospective study of 17 clinical cases

Anthony Rodrigues, Rodolfo O. Leal, Maud Girod, Claire Dally, Emmanuel Guery, Eymeric Gomes and Juan Hernandez
Open Veterinary Journal, 2020, 10(2): 128-134

"Original Research"

3- Flea and tick treatment satisfaction, preference and adherence of dog owners in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia who treated their dog with fluralaner

Robert Lavan, Rob Armstrong, Karen Lipworth, Dorothy Normile and Hannah Newbury
Open Veterinary Journal, 2020, 10(2): 135-143

"Original Research"

4- More cell culture passaged camelpox virus sequences found resembling those of vaccinia virus

Abdelmalik I. Khalafalla, Mohamed A. Al Hosani, Hassan Zackaria Ali Ishag and Salama S. Al Muhairi
Open Veterinary Journal, 2020, 10(2): 144-156

"Short Communication"

5- Endometritis in the bitch: Immunohistochemical localization of cyclooxygenase 2

María Carla García Mitacek, Romina Gisele Praderio, María Cecilia Stornelli, Rodolfo Luzbel de la Sota and María Alejandra Stornelli
Open Veterinary Journal, 2020, 10(2): 157-163

"Review Article"

6- Susceptibility of SARS, MERS and COVID-19 from animal health perspective

Aasish Gautam, Krishna Kaphle, Birendra Shrestha and Samiksha Phuyal
Open Veterinary Journal, 2020, 10(2): 164-177

"Review Article"

7- Impact of global climate change on livestock health: Bangladesh perspective

Md Zulfekar Ali, Gemma Carlile and Mohammad Giasuddin
Open Veterinary Journal, 2020, 10(2): 178-188