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"Case Report"

Keratomycosis in captive red pandas (Ailurus fulgens): 2 cases

Hayley August Volk(1,*), Anu O’Reilly(1), Kate Bodley(2) and Helen McCracken(2)

Melbourne EyeVet, 9-11 Miles Street, Mulgrave, VIC 3170, Australia

The Royal Melbourne Zoo, Elliot Ave, Parkville, VIC 3052, Australia



Two cases of keratomycosis in captive red pandas (Ailurus fulgens) were diagnosed and treated at a zoo in Melbourne, Australia across a 9-year period. Both cases presented with severe unilateral ocular pain and stromal abscessation of the cornea. A superficial keratectomy was performed in both cases and the diagnosis was confirmed with either cytology or histopathology. Following surgery, a combination of oral, topical and subconjunctival medical therapy contributed to a successful outcome.

Keywords: Captivity, Fluconazole, Fungal keratitis, Melbourne, Red panda.


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Volk, H.A., O’Reilly, A., Bodley, K. and McCracken, H. 2018. Keratomycosis in captive red pandas (Ailurus fulgens): 2 cases. Open Vet. J. 8(2), 200-203.