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Efficacy of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation in dogs with chronic spinal cord injury

Katsutoshi Tamura(1) and Noritaka Maeta(2*)

1- Aikouishida Animal Hospital, Isehara, Kanagawa, Japan

2- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Okayama University of Science, Imabari, Ehime, Japan


Background: Spinal cord injury (SCI) is relatively common in dogs and is a devastating condition involving loss of sensory neurons and motor neurons. However, the main clinical protocol for the management of SCI is surgery to decompress and stabilize the vertebra. Cell transplantation therapy is a very promising strategy for the treatment of chronic SCI, but extensive preclinical and clinical research work remains.

Aim: The aim of this study was to confirm an effect of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cell (BM-MNC) transplantation for chronic SCI in dogs.

Methods: We tested the treatment efficiency of chronic SCI in 12 dogs using BM-MNC transplantation. Neurological evaluation used the Texas Spinal Cord Injury Scale (TSCIS). Concurrently, we characterized the transplanted cells by evaluation using quantitative real-time PCR, flow cytometry, and ELISA.

Result: All dogs had a pre-transplantation TSCIS score of 0. Two animals did not show any improvement in the final TSCIS score. The remaining 10 dogs (83.4%) achieved improvement in the final TSCIS score. Five of them (41.7%) regained ambulatory function with a TSCIS score greater than 10. We determined that canine BM-MNCs expressed hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) mRNA at higher levels than other cytokines, with significant increases in HGF levels in CSF within 48 hours after autologous BM-MNC transplantation into the subarachnoid space of the spinal dura matter in dogs.

Conclusions: BM-MNC transplantation may be effective for at least some cases of chronic SCI.

Keywords: Bone marrow derived mononuclear cell, Cell therapy, Spinal cord injury.

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Tamura, K. and Maeta, N. 2020. Efficacy of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation in dogs with chronic spinal cord injury. Open Vet. J. 10(2), 206-215.