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Fixation of metatarsal fracture with bone plate in a dromedary heifer

S.A. Siddiqui1, M.I. Siddiqui2,*, M.N. Telfah2 and S. Hashmi2

1Veterinary Hospital, Al-Qattara, Alain, United Arab Emirates

2Central Veterinary Hospital, Al-Wathba, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



An oblique fracture of the distal third of the right metatarsus in a three-year-old dromedary heifer weighing about 300 kilograms was immobilized with a 4.5 mm broad-webbed 12-hole dynamic compression bone plate and two interfragmental compression screws. The animal showed slight lameness after 16 weeks of surgery that disappeared after removal of the plate. The result was quite encouraging and the fracture healed in 16 weeks without major complications. It is concluded that the fracture of this bone can be successfully handled with bone plating at least in young, light weight animals.

Keywords: Bone plating, Camel, Fracture, Interfragmental compression, Metatarsus.


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Siddiqui, S.A., Siddiqui, M.I., Telfah, M.N. and Hashmi, S. 2013. Fixation of metatarsal fracture with bone plate in a dromedary heifer. Open Vet. J. 3(1), 17-20.