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Ovine paratuberculosis: a confirmed case of Johne's disease in Libya

M.A.M. Sharif1,2,*, M.E. Farhat2, E.S. Kraim2, N.A. Altrabulsi2, A.M. Kammon2,3, A.S. Dayhum2,3 and I.M. Eldaghayes2,3

1Department of Pathology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Omar Al-Mukhtar, Albeida, Libya

2National Center of Animal Health (NCAH), Zawia, Libya

3Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tripoli, P.O.Box 13662, Tripoli, Libya



Paratuberculosis (Johne's disease) was suspected in a  herd of approximately 300 sheep after weight loss and scouring had increased in adult animals despite repeated treatment with anthelmintics, antibiotics, multivitamins and minerals. The herd is located near Tarhouna city. Herd history revealed that a total of 60 ewes showed clinical symptoms and deaths during the last two years. The last case that we attended was submitted to the National Center of Animal Health (NCAH) for a detailed laboratory examination. Gross pathological and histological examination of tissue samples revealed results that were highly comparable with Johne's disease. A definitive diagnosis was made only by histopathological identification of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis in the intestines using Ziehl-Neelsen stain. This is the first documented case of M. paratuberculosis in sheep in Libya.

Keywords: Johne's disease, Libya, Mycobacterium, Ovine, Paratuberculosis.


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Sharif, M.A.M., Farhat, M.E., Kraim, E.S., Altrabulsi, N.A., Kammon, A.M., Dayhum, A.S. and Eldaghayes, I.M. 2013. Ovine paratuberculosis: a confirmed case of Johne's disease in Libya. Open Vet. J. 3(2), 131-134.