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Levels of heavy metals in liver and kidney of dogs from urban environment

F.P. Serpe1,2, R. Russo1, A. De Simone1, S. Florio1, M. Esposito2 and L. Severino1,*

1University of Naples Federico II, School of Veterinary Medicine , Naples, Italy

2Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale del Mezzogiorno, Department of Chimistry, Portici (NA), Italy



Lead, cadmium and mercury were detected in liver and kidney tissue of dogs from an urban habitat. Samples were digested in a microwave system and analyzed by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Results of the current study showed that at least one of the three heavy metals was detected in tissues of all examined dogs. These findings make us suppose that humans are exposed to the same heavy metals similar to those of dogs that are exposed since they share the same environment. Mercury concentrations detected in kidney of household dogs were higher than stray dogs, therefore the involvement of pet food in exposure to mercury can be supposed.  

Keywords: Cadmium, Dog, Environment, Lead, Mercury.


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Serpe, F.P., Russo, R., De Simone, A., Florio, S., Esposito, M. and Severino. L. 2012. Levels of heavy metals in liver and kidney of dogs from urban environment. Open Vet. J. 2, 15-18.