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Fibrosarcoma of the eyelid in two sibling Czech wolfdogs


Laura Nordio(1,*), Sabina Fattori(2) and Chiara Giudice(1)


1 Department of Veterinary Medicine, Università di Milano, via Celoria 10, 20133, Milano (MI), Italy

2 Studio veterinario associato di Fattori Sabina e Gasparini Emanuele, Via Gabrielli Gabrielangelo 85, 61032, Fano (PU), Italy



Most canine tumors of the eyelid are tumors generally encountered in the skin. They are most commonly of epithelial origin and benign. In this report, we describe the cases of two sibling Czech wolfdogs presented, one year apart, with a subcutaneous mass involving the left eyelid. Both lesions were histologically consistent with a diagnosis of subcutaneous fibrosarcoma. Immunohistochemical analyses of the tumors revealed a mild positivity for vimentin and negativity for GFAP, desmin, αSMA, myoglobin, S100, PNL2 and calponin, excluding all differential diagnosis (i.e. peripheral nerve sheath tumor, melanoma, perivascular sarcoma, myofibroblastic sarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma). To the best of authors’ knowledge, this is the first report of canine eyelid fibrosarcoma. Since this rare tumor has been observed in two full siblings, we could speculate the existence of some genetic predisposition to sarcoma, however the present data did not allow any definite conclusion on the etiopathogenesis or genetic basis of these tumors.

Keywords: Dog, Eyelid tumor, Sarcoma, Siblings.

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Nordio, L., Fattori, S. and Giudice, C. 2017. Fibrosarcoma of the eyelid in two sibling Czech wolfdogs. Open Vet. J. 7(2), 95-99.