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Radiographic parameters of the digit in a cohort population of Amiata donkeys

Irene Nocera(1*), Benedetta Aliboni(1), Caterina Puccinelli(1), Giulia Pietrini(2), Micaela Sgorbini(1), Simonetta Citi(1) and Giorgio Ricardi(3)

1- Department of Veterinary Sciences, Veterinary Teaching Hospital “Mario Modenato”, Via Livornese snc, San Piero a Grado PI, 56122, Italy

2- Private Practitioner, Torino, Italy

3- Donnington Grove Veterinary Group, Newbury, UK


Background: The most common musculoskeletal conditions reported in donkeys are related to the foot. Radiographic examinations are clinically important in the diagnosis of foot abnormalities and are commonly used. However, few studies have been conducted to establish the normal radiographic appearance of a donkey’s foot.

Aim: To determine the radiographic features of the front digit in healthy Amiata donkeys.

Methods: Radiographic examinations were performed on 56 forefeet of 28 Amiata donkeys. Three radiographic views of each front foot were taken: Latero-Medial, Dorso-Palmar and Dorso-65°Proximal/Palmaro-Distal oblique. Seventeen angular and linear radiographic parameters and the crena solearis were evaluated in all forefeet, and 18 morphometric parameters were evaluated in 16/56 forefeet. Statistical analysis was performed on all the measures assessed.

Results: The radiographic appearance of the forefoot was ascertained, and data were reported as the median±standard error, minimum and maximum values. No statistical differences were obtained between the right and left forefeet.

Conclusion: The normal baseline parameters of the forefeet of Amiata donkeys were recorded and described and compared with other donkey breeds and with horses. The findings highlighted that the donkey breed affects the radiographic parameters of the digit.

Keywords: Amiata, Donkey, Foot, Radiography.

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Nocera, I., Aliboni, B., Puccinelli, C., Pietrini, G., Sgorbini, M., Citi, S. and Ricardi, G. 2020. Radiographic parameters of the digit in a cohort population of Amiata donkeys. Open Vet. J. 10(4), 354-362.