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Multilobular tumor of the zygomatic bone in a dog

L. Leonardi1, A. Carrano2, L. Stoppini1 and M. Floris2

1Dipartimento di Scienze Biopatologiche e Igiene delle Produzioni Animali e Alimentari, Università degli Studi di Perugia, Italy

2Clinica Euroveterinaria, Via del Colle 12, 06084 Bettona, Perugia, Italy



Multilobular tumor of bone (MTB) (also known as Multilobular Osteochondrosarcoma) is an uncommon bone tumor frequently located on the skull of dogs, rarely on the ribs or pelvis. These neoplasms are slow growing, locally invasive, and have the potential to compress and invade the brain. A 10-year-old mixed breed dog was presented with a history of approximately 4 months of progressive growth of a left zygomatic mass. Radiographic investigation revealed a finely granular or stippled non homogeneous radiopaque mass involving the zygomatic arch. After surgery, grossly the neoplasm consisted of multiple, variably sized, grayish-white to yellow nodules separated by collagenous septa of different thickness. Histologically, the tumor was characterized by the presence of multiple lobules containing osteoid and cartilage, separated by a net of fibrous septae. This neoplastic pattern was consistent with a typical multilobular tumor of bone and based on clinical, radiographical, gross and light microscopic findings the definitive diagnosis was made. While reviewing veterinary literature only few cases of MTB were found in dogs.

Keywords: Dog, Multilobular tumor of bone, Zygomatic bone.


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Leonardi, L., Carrano, A., Stoppini, L. and Floris, M. 2014. Multilobular tumor of the zygomatic bone in a dog. Open Vet. J. 4(1), 9-11.