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Congenital deformity of the distal extremities in three dogs


F. Di Dona(1,*), G. Della Valle(1), L. Meomartino(2), F. Lamagna(1) and G. Fatone(1)


1Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Productions, University of Napoli “Federico II”, Italy

2Interdepartmental Center of Veterinary Radiology, University of Napoli “Federico II”, Italy


Congenital limb deformities are very rare conditions and the knowledge about etiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation and treatment is still poor. Moreover, many defects are still not reported in veterinary literature. This report documents clinical and radiographic findings in three dogs with congenital deformity involving the distal extremities. Case 1 was affected with bilateral aphalangia of the pedes, case 2 presented a combination of brachydactyly and syndactyly, whereas in case 3 a unilateral ectrodactyly was observed. To the authors’ knowledge, brachydactyly, as well as aphalangia, are very uncommon anomalies and have been rarely documented. Moreover, association between syndactyly and brachydactyly has still not been reported.

Keywords: Aphalangia, Brachydactyly, Congenital deformity, Dog, Syndactyly.

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Di Dona, F., Della Valle, G., Meomartino, L., Lamagna, F. and Fatone, G. 2016. Congenital deformity of the distal extremities in three dogs. Open Vet. J. 6(3), 228-233.