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ISSN 2218-6050 (Online), ISSN 2226-4485 (Print) 

Equine obstetrics illustrated

Normal development of the foal, normal- and abnormal stages 1, 2 and 3, prolaps vesicae, uterine torsion and many other complications pre- and postpartum, malposture, repositions and foetotomy, caesarean section and much more…

More than 60 minutes of film and 3-dimensional animations…

This is a new, original and scientific correct presentation of equine parturition in all its normal and abnormal features. These animations are meant to give students, veterinarians, teachers, biologists, breeders and horse owners more insights into the birth process of the mare.

Made by Jan Govaere, Katrien Martens, Aart de Kruif and many more clinicians from Ghent University Belgium. Produced & edited by Jan Govaere and co-edited by front ranking scientists in the domain of Animal Reproduction; Bert van der Weijden and Tom Stout (Utrecht University, The Netherlands), Grant Frazer (Ohio State University) and Jean-François Bruyas (Université de Nantes, France).