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Lymph node hemangioma in one-humped camel

M.A. Aljameel1,* and M.O. Halima2

1Department of Pathology and Diagnosis, Nyala Veterinary Research Laboratory, Nyala, Sudan

2Department of Pathology and Diagnosis, Veterinary Research Institute, Khartoum, Sudan



Hemangioma is a benign tumor of blood and lymphatic vessels. It is common in skin, mucosa and soft tissues, and its occurrence in lymph nodes is extremely rare. A 10 year-old she-camel was slaughtered at Nyala slaughterhouse, South Darfur State, Sudan. Grossly, the carcass was emaciated. The left ventral superficial cervical lymph node was enlarged, hard on palpation and protruded outside the body. Its cut surface was dark red in color and measured (18 cm) in diameter. Histopathologically, the sections revealed vascular masses were composed of non-encapsulated clusters of small and medium sized with thick and thin-walled, filled with blood, separated by courageous stroma and surrounded by closely packed proliferating capillaries. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first record of the left ventral superficial cervical lymph node hemangioma in a camel in the Sudan.

Keywords: Hemangioma, Lymph node, One-humped camel, Sudan.


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Aljameel, M.A. and Halima, M.O. 2015. Lymph node hemangioma in one-humped camel. Open Vet. J. 5(2), 179-181.