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Extraocular myositis in a female puppy

O. Adegboye*

Animal Health Services (AHS), E17 Brusubi estate, Brusubi, Gambia



Extraocular myositis (EOM) is not commonly encountered in dogs. It is generally diagnosed based on clinical features of exophthalmos without third eyelid protrusion, pain or vision loss. The traditional treatment of choice is prednisolone. This report describes a case of a mixed-breed puppy with clinical signs consistent with EOM, the use of ascorbic acid as an adjuvant to traditional corticosteroid therapy and rapid resolution of the condition without recurrence. It also shows that prolapse of the third eyelid and ptosis of the lower eyelids are possible signs of EOM during recovery. This is the first report of this sort from Africa and therefore the report is of epidemiological significance.

Keywords: Exophthalmos, Extraocular myositis, Myositis, Nictating membrane, Steroid.


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Adegboye, O. 2015. Extraocular myositis in a female puppy. Open Vet. J. 5(1), 42-44.