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"Case Report"

Traumatic caudal elbow luxation in two cats

Paolo Abrescia(1), Filippo Cinti(2*) and Guido Pisani(3)

1- Ospedale Santa Fara, Via Generale Nicola Bellomo, 91, 70125 Bari, Italy

2- Eastcott Veterinary Hospital, Hindle Way, Off Dorcan Way, SN3 3FR, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK

3- Centro Veterinario Luni Mare, via Togliatti 8/10, 19034 Luni Mare Ortonovo SP, Italy


Background: Traumatic caudal elbow luxation is an uncommon injury and it is rarely reported in the cat. Closed reduction is considered in early instance but open reduction and stabilization should be evaluated if the joint cannot be reduced or if gross instability persist.

Case Description: This case report described two Domestic Shorthaired cats referred for monolateral forelimb non-weight bearing lameness caused by trauma. Clinical and radiographic examinations revealed a caudal elbow luxation in both patients. The cats were treated with closed reduction and the elbow joints stabilized at 40° of flexion by a transarticular external skeletal fixation for 18-22 days. The follow-up examinations at two months and at three years showed mild and moderate radiographic evidence of osteoarthritis respectively, but good elbow function in both patients.

Conclusion: This technique, for the treatment of the traumatic caudal elbow luxation, is easy and straightforward with few complications and to the authors' knowledge was not previously reported in cats.

Keywords: closed reduction, elbow, external fixation, luxation.

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Abrescia, P., Cinti, F. and Pisani, G. 2019. Traumatic caudal elbow luxation in two cats. Open Vet. J. 9(4), 361-365.