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Video 1. Sagittal kinematographic sequence of a 3-year-old female crossbreed dog with complete rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament and TTA (patient 4, PTA = 98.5°). During stance phase, no cranio-caudal translation between femur and tibia is visible. Therefore, this stifle has to be classified as ‘stable’.

Note: This animal underwent implantation of tantalum beads for a separate study investigating three-dimensional stifle kinematics (Reg. No.: TVV 07/14, Landesdirektion Sachsen).

Video 2. Sagittal fluoroscopic kinematography of a 7-year-old male crossbreed dog after TTA (patient 7a, PTA = 86.6°). Note the caudal translation of the femoral condyles during early stance phase. Therefore, persistent instability is present in the stifle.