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"Original Article"

Evaluation of two rapid immunochromatographic tests for diagnosis of brucellosis infection in cattle

Anitza Fragas Quintero, Dervel Felipe Díaz Herrera, Dayamí Martín Alfonso, Yanelis Cruz Santana, Raisa Betancourt Torres and Lucy Montano Tamayo
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 236-242

"Original Article"

Serial collection method of dog saliva: Effects of different chemical stimulants on behaviour, volume and saliva composition

Juan Pablo Damián, Laura Bengoa, Paula Pessina, Silvia Martínez and Fernando Fumagalli
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(3): 229-235

"Case Report"

Devriesea agamarum associated cheilitis in a North African spiny-tailed lizard (Uromastyx acanthinura) in Spain

Miguel Gallego, Carles Juan-Sallés and Tom Hellebuyck
Open Veterinary Journal, 2018, 8(2): 224-228